Deborah (talkstowolves) wrote in melimuses,

Cross-pollination. (Or: Win The Honey Month!)

Hello, lovelies! So, how many of you would like a copy of The Honey Month by Amal El-Mohtar?

As you all know, no doubt, The Honey Month is a delicious collection of poetry and prose by tithenai, synthesizing the sensuous experience of honey with a kaleidoscope of dream worlds-- faerie-creatures and harbor-maids, fallen stars and kissing bees-- in a lambent creative fusion.

It is very easy to secure a chance to win this lovely trade edition from Papaveria Press! Observe:

1. Promote this community in your journal!
(Simple as that. Just leave a link here so I know where to look for your promotion.)

2. Introduce yourself to the community in our Meet the Muses thread!

3. Post a creative piece (poetry, prose, art, music, you name it) inspired by bees or honey to the community before August 16th!

You can do any or all of the above - each item accomplished will put your name in the hat. I'll draw the lucky winner on August 17th!

Note: Those of you who have already introduced yourselves or posted something creative, I'm retroactively including those as earned chances to win The Honey Month. If you already have a copy or don't want to be included in the drawing, just let me know.
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