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Muses of Honey and Comb, Blossom and Sting.

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Above, Maggie Taylor's Girl in a Bee Dress.

In February of 2009, Amal El-Mohtar (tithenai) embarked on a delicious creative exercise: for 28 days, she sampled a new honey provided by her friend Danielle and crafted a poem or a prose piece in response to the sensual experience. The results were wondrous and, in fact, have been published in a lovely edition from Papaveria Press.

During her experiment, several people expressed interest in following suit. Just so:

At its heart, melimuses was founded as a honey exchange and creative salon: a place to savor honey, to transmute that pleasure into art, to encourage and share with each other. And so we welcome anyone desiring to sample local honeys, to share their local honeys with far-flung companions, to engage creatively with a substance of mythical proportions. We welcome writers and poets, singers and crafters, those who are more than these and those who are none. All that is required is an appreciation for honey, and a willingness to go where it would take you.

Join us to become muses of honey and comb, of blossom and sting. Be welcome among the bees.

Introducing the Muses
Open Honey Exchanges (Coming soon!)
Open Creative Exercises (Coming soon!)

Above artwork by Oliver Hunter.

Amal El-Mohtar - tithenai - Amal is the co-editor (along with Jessica Paige Wick) of Goblin Fruit, a quarterly webzine of fantastical poetry. She is also a poet and writer, and won the Rhysling Award for her poem "Song of An Ancient City" in 2009. Her first book, The Honey Month, is currently available from Papaveria Press.

Deborah J. Brannon - talkstowolves - Deborah is primarily a writer and reviewer, currently blogging semi-regularly for Cabinet des Fées. Her work has been published in Scheherezade's Bequest, The Pedestal Magazine, and on her website.